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Welcome to the Metaverse marketing blog for people who don't have a clue

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

First off, I’d like to say that I count myself as a Metaverse ignoramus. That's why I started this blog!

Ever since the Zuck decided to change Facebook’s name to Meta, and pour billions of dollars into Metaverse, everyone’s been scrambling around trying to figure out if it’s the next big thing.

Look, I know it’s a THING if you’re like 14 years old (more VR headsets were sold last Christmas than Playstations). But is it a thing for us B2B-heads… us marketing-heads? Do we need to “get on board” before we get left behind? Or is it just a Pie in the Sky? An over 18s nightclub that’s actually crawling with teenagers.

And if it is a thing, what should we as marketers know?

As founder of Piehole.TV, an explainer video company, my day job is taking complex ideas and making them easy to understand. And combined with our knowledge of 3D interactive animation, I hope (as much for myself as for the readers of this blog) to figure out what the fuss is all about.

So join us for this journey of discovery, as we roll up the sleeves, put on the rubber gloves and go in deep.

At Piehole.TV we have built an interactive and Metaverse team of uber nerds, who will regularly be contributing to this blog.

Thanks for being one of the first people to read this blog.

Priscilla & team Pie


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