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Using workrooms for customer dev, sales experiences and small group events

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

If a sales lead or high value client is a VR-head, meeting them in the metaverse could be a good way to do more sales and/or create deeper bonds with your customers or prospects. I was recently invited to a coaching session in Workrooms with biz coach Steve August. The idea behind the session was to get a few entrepreneurs sitting together on a round table and discussing some of the challenges we all faced as business owners. With Steve’s guidance, the group then helped each other to find solutions to some of their challenges.

After doing 2 sessions, I can see that there are clear benefits to having certain marketing experiences in VR. Some observations:

  • Workrooms UX is soooo awkward. Not everybody could get into the meeting and arrive as an avatar. Thankfully I could, but that’s only because I had my tech support standing by (husband, James).

  • Building a rapport is easier in VR than zoom. It’s more natural (ironically) as you converse more like you do in real life (vs. zoom where you have to “take turns” talking).

  • I really felt connected to the other people in the session, I felt like I knew them.

  • No distractions or tab hopping

  • Total immersion - we were all disappointed when the session ended and surprised that 90 minutes had just flown by. (Compared to Zoom, you’re acutely aware of the time and can't wait for it to end)

Some use cases for doing marketing meetings in VR:

  • Sales experiences: start offering your leads more options to meet: phone, video call or VR. You can show your products on the big screen and engage with prospects in a more exciting way

  • Biz dev: build more of a rapport with existing customers by hosting a workshop/business review session in VR

  • Webinars would be awesome in VR… but only in small groups for now. I’ve been in bigger virtual webinars and it’s a bit of a damp squib. So if you’re selling a high ticket item, it could be worth it.

  • Customer development: get product feedback in a more immersive, conversational environment.

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