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VR paper goggles as a marketing promo

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

How is this for a cool promo idea? Some pop-up paper VR goggles that people can use to have the VR experience, without needing a VR headset. They just stick their phone in, and watch the marketing video that your QR code on the packaging would have pointed them to.

So how does this marketing promo idea stack up?


  • Fun, new, makes you look “with it”

  • Interesting bring-along to conferences

  • You can create cool designs on the outside with your marketing message

  • And also get more information/marketing messages onto the video that they watch


  • The environmental factor of throw-away glasses (although it looks pretty recyclable, it’s still landfill).

  • Logistically, for people like me who have two left hands, it could be a challenge to put it together and get the video playing

  • Expensive since it’s not technically a gift, it’s still made of cardboard so I don’t know if people would keep it. Maybe they could give them to their children

  • The experience is fairly realistic VR (note, the video you send them has to be created to be VR optimized.)

I’ll use it for a promo and see how it goes. It could be worth agencies offering it to their clients as an idea. Don’t think it would ever take off as a marketing idea.

The “unboxing” experience. (ugh… awkward!!)

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