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Making metaverse-y designs for your clients

While there’s all this speculation about Metaverse being so huge, big money yada yada yada, there aren’t actually that many brands doing marketing in the metaverse, and thus, agencies capitalizing on it.

However one thing we’ve noticed is that there is a definite Metaverse-y design trend, so it’s worth an agency’s time to have a few Metaverse-style designs in your portfolio. Here are a few examples:

Metaverse-inspired 2D design:

Metaverse-inspired 3D designs:

Metaverse-inspired footage + graphics: [Spoiler alert! One day we are going to kill ourselves laughing at ourselves wearing these ridiculously big goggles. Think of Nokia 5110 times a hundred]

And our own Metaverse-themed video commercial:

I personally love all the fun colors and exciting visuals. Design trends were pretty corporate as of recently so it’s refreshing to see some vibrancy and flair.

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