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How not to look like a metaverse dinosaur:

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

This post is for people who aren’t that interested in Metaverse but also don’t want to look like a total dinosaur in a few years time when Metaverse becomes ‘a thing’. [Think of your parents when Facebook first came out.]

Here’s how not to be a Meta-dino, a.k.a your mom on Facebook:

1. Learn a few basic definitions.

Metaverse 60 second explainer here. Good crypto 101 by CNN here. NFTs for dummies here.

2. Buy a VR headset

I think that $400 is a small price to pay not to get left behind with something that is going to substantially change our world and many industries. [McKinsey report showing $5 trillion in potential value in the next 8 years, read this]. Get familiar with a few things like virtual meeting rooms… (remember the pandemic, and how so many people never knew how to do video calls? Don’t be that person!)

3. Get a crypto wallet

At least own some cryptocurrency. Even if you lose a bit of money on it. At some point it will be a thing and then you'll want to be familiar with it. I used to create my wallet (you’ll need a passport). It takes approximately 10 seconds. Then you link it to an exchange, so that you can buy stuff to put in your wallet. After 0 minutes of research and just taking the first one on the list - I selected Transak, where I purchased Ethereum, again, 0 minutes research, first one on the list. Fairly painless actually.

4. Read the occasional article

Look, right now metaverse is boring as hell. I don’t care about games, and online meetings are still too technically awkward for 99.9% of people including myself. You don’t need to go all guns blazing, but spend 10 minutes here and there just to keep up with what’s happening, as many things will be changing quickly.

Congratulations! Now you will be streets ahead of the majority of all humans! Plus you won’t be a dinosaur! Until the next asteroid strike anyway.

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