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How digital agencies could sort-of use Spatial:

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Do you think the idea of Metaverse art galleries sound a bit namby pamby? Me too!! But then it got me thinking about how we present our company portfolio to new prospects. We have so much competition out there in the marketplace - and although I’d like to think that we do a great pitch, I’m pretty sure we’re all doing variations of the same thing, which goes a little something like this: chit chat… creative prezzie… proposal… follow up x 100.

The Metaverse environment is so immersive, and really gets people into a different, less formal state of mind. I’d go as far as saying…excited/buzzed up. Imagine selling to people when they are in that mental space?! Your prospects could explore a room that has big beautiful designs/videos/concepts. You can walk with them from display to display, chatting about each option and literally watch videos/creative work in full cinema size mode with surround sound.

Could you do it right now? Unless a prospect is already a VR-head, then no, you might need to wait a few years. However, if you do in-person pitching, you could bring a few headsets along to the pitch right now. *** Anger management tip*** have the headsets set up and ready to go so that it’s seamless and not a total tech-mare. Definitely do a number of practice rounds beforehand.

You can use platforms like Spatial to host your gallery. It’s the most popular one for now it seems. The downside of Spatial is that the file size limit is 100mb for your gallery, so that’s a major limitation, but you can work around it.

And after doing all that effort of making a winning sales pitch, you deserve a cup of coffee.


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