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Getting set up with VR.

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

I’m married to a computer scientist. Whenever my husband helps with some kind of tech-y, nerdy thing (e.g. setting up analytics on my website / adding the 99th google speaker to our network), he always jokes with me: “aren’t you glad you’re not married to a springboard diver now eh??”

So let me just say right off the bat, you can marry a springboard diver, and still set up your VR headset. The little timelapse video above shows the “unboxing” process. Mainly the time was spent waiting around for the thing to charge up. It’s very intuitive and easy to set up.

Which VR headset to go with:

After a lot of research… (wait who am I Kidding. Zero research done)... I went with The Oculus Quest 2, which, after a quick Google revealed that it’s widely considered to be the best ‘cheap’ headset on the market. I figured this is also the headset that most of my clients would probably be using, so I wanted to experience VR the way my clients would. (What’s the point of getting top of the range, thinking you’re creating this amazing VR experience, but it’s actually not that amazing on lower-tech headsets). Early 2023 the Apple headset is coming out which is going to be a game changer (according to Apple anyway). It will be lighter and more comfortable (a huge plus).

*disclaimer: this information might be out of date by the time I have my next warm meal

Instructions in a nutshell:

  • Charge headset

  • Download the headset app on your phone (you’ll need a Facebook login)

  • Follow the ridiculously straight forward set up prompts that pop up in the headset

  • Then you can go to the dashboard within your VR and search for any apps you want

Anger Management Tip: if your headset starts acting weird and erratic, it might simply need charging. They don’t really warn you when the battery is flat, and I only figured this out ten minutes into throwing a hissy fit.

Easy apps to start with;

  • Table Tennis (fun, and you can play it with your clients/friends)

  • Workrooms (to experience a “metaverse zoom meeting” - spoiler alert, it’s not as awkward as it looks)

  • Goliath (I love this, very powerful/visually engaging and gives you a sense of what type of experiences brands could create for their viewers).


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