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But what if Metaverse wasn’t s***???

If you’re of a certain “vintage” you’ll remember the Nokia 5110. Man oh man, what a cracking phone. You could throw that thing out of a car and drive over it and it would probably still be OK. The 5110 never had a camera, but everyone agreed that this was a great phone. Not a brick like the older models and not a flimsy little petal like the newer models.

You’ll probably also remember when Nokia first started bringing out phone cameras. The 7650 was the first Nokia with a camera (had to Google that one). The cameras were SO PANTS back then. You were probably one of those people proudly proclaiming that “mobile phone cameras are so pants, I’ll never stop using my Fujifilm digital camera”.

There were people saying at the time “but what if they weren’t s***??”. I certainly was one of the masses of smart alec’s going “oh they’ll always be s***, my Fuji is the best”.

But then, hey, guess what, time happened and they’re not s*** anymore.

Right now, Metaverse is quite shit. It will still be shit for a while. But time is going to happen and it’s going to be part of our daily lives, just like the phone camera is today. (We won’t talk about the car phone and pager right now).

Here’s the latest (self-indulgent) video from Microsoft about their new HoloLens (augmented reality headset). *** Spoiler alert!!! It still looks naff despite the fancy graphics in the video.. But it will give you a taste of things to come.

Imagine a headset that’s not naff and clunky and the visuals are crystal clear and all the platforms, artwork and programs, social media sites and work rooms are all designed just for this. It's going to happen.

Here is a introduction video to the HoloLens

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